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Theodent Reviews - My Experience With This New Toothpaste

theodent toothpaste reviews
My picture of Theodent after a month use
I bought some Theodent toothpaste from Amazon the other day (it was a hard switch from my baking soda arm & hammer), and you can see in this picture that I've already used most of it, but mainly because my whole family uses it. The cap is cracked and it's a bit ugly now, compared to how beautiful it was coming out of the box.But, hey this is a real review, so I want you to see it like I do.

How Does Theodent Taste?

I can't say I like the taste of theodent. I definitely like my baking soda toothpaste clean feeling better, but it is not bad. I will say as I say below, it does not taste like chocolate (like you think it might, see below). It's creamy and it does give me a clean feeling, so that's good.

The photo below is how the product looks, right out of the box:

A Toothpaste Without Fluoride

I first heard about this toothpaste when a co-worker mentioned that he buys it because it doesn't have any fluoride. Fluoride is poison so yeah ditch that. A fluoride free toothpaste is not only good for me, but I think more for my 10 year old who I rather not feed that stuff. Because of that, it's also safe to swallow, which is good for kids too (who do swallow toothpaste sometimes)

Now, this is a little says on the product description, "HARNESS THE POWER OF CACAO (CHOCOLATE)" Let me set this right, Theodent does not taste like chocolate to me. So, maybe the theobromine (cacao extract) is good for you, but it doesn't mean it will taste chocolately which was a let down for my kid.

It also says it will help sensitive teeth, which I think it has, and that it is a toothpaste that helps with enamel repair, but I'm not so sure about that (though it's been about a month now of using it). So how long does it take for enamel repair.

Will I buy again?

I think so, I like it so far, especially no fluoride!

Buy Theodent Toothpaste Online

If you are going to buy Theodent toothpaste, please use our link below because we can get a small commission.

THEODENT CLASSIC with Rennou®: Whitening Crystal Mint - Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Rebuilds, Hardens, and Strengthens Enamel to Reduce Sensitivity by Repairing Enamel

By Marissa Song, Knoxville TN


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