The Jungle Film - 2017

Film Recommendation: 2017 Jungle

By Tory Lashier

If you want to watch a crazy good movie, that will make you want adventure, and then not want to leave the house, check out 2017 Jungle. It's been rated high by a number of reviewers, and Daniel Radcliffe does an amazing job acting in it. He really took a step away from being typecast in this film, with the accent, different facial expressions, and a stellar performance, all very believable in the face of the dangers the jungle has to serve out to those who "do not belong there"!

Tell us what you thought about this movie about friends going on a nice adventure, getting separated, lost in the jungle, only to barely survive (which only two did, and the other two were never heard from again - we won't spoil it and say which though!)


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