Does Wild Planet's Wild Sardines, Aqueous Natural Smoke Have Nitrates?

Does Wild Planet's Aqueous Natural Smoke Have Nitrates?

wild planet sardines nitrates ?
Wild Planet's Wild Sardines, Aqueous Natural Smoke - Does It Have Nitrates?
Answer: Leon V. wrote to us saying that Wild Planet responded to his question about nitrates in their sardines, per below:


Does wild planet's aqueous natural smoke have nitrates?
 And, what exactly is this "natural smoke" Wild planet uses in their sardines?  It would defeat the whole point if it's some chemical solution, wouldn't it?


Hi Leon, great question! Each can of our Sardines in OEVOO (with and without lemon) contains a drop of aqueous natural smoke, as listed in the ingredients. This is smoke from burning maple and hickory woods,  captured in its smoke form and then returned to a liquid when cooled. There are no chemical additives, and the fish themselves are not smoked. Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

What made me wonder whether there was nitrates in these wild sardines was because I bought some Wild Planet Wild Sardines and noticed one of the ingredients was aqueous natural smoke.  For half a second I thought, oh it's natural smoke, but then I did some research and found that it could be chemically made, with nitrates, so it's good to have this question answered!

What is aqueous natural smoke? 

Can you believe there is no answer. Google shows this card, from this website, which does not answer the question of what aqueous natural smoke is, nor whether it has nitrates. 

This article was written by Beth Lader. Beth lives in Asheville NC and enjoys cooking vegan dishes with organic foods. 


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