Build a Traditional Tibetan Mediation Box

Want to Build (or buy a custom built) Traditional Tibetan Mediation Box? 

First, what is a traditional Tibetan meditation box? Answer: It is not actually a box but a desk like structure built for a meditator to sit in and meditate in for hours. A meditation box is often used to sleep in, just like Tenzin Palmo did during her 12 years in a cave meditating. She slept in a traditional mediation box, probably a rough version of what's in this video: 

To build your own, it would take a few hundred dollars worth of wood, or you can buy your own traditional Tibetan meditation box by a builder who will likely charge $800-1000. There is only one builder we've heard of that does these, contact below: 

 Micah Goldfarb

Although Micah is usually building houses in Asheville NC, he sets aside time for creative projects too. He used to build props for the film industry, whether it was a magic cabinet that would appear in a popular film, or the set of a spooky study, Micah was there directing builders to make whatever props or set the movie required. He has taken an interest in meditating, and now building traditional meditation boxes. 


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