Where Is Kamar-Taj?

Kamar-Taj - Is It A Real Place?

Where is Kamar-Taj? There are many people who watch the Dr. Strange movie, only to start believing in places like Kamar-Taj. While Kamar-Taj is a fictional place, according to this article on Where is Kamar-Taj, there are many things in the Dr. Strange movie that are based on true places and things. 

It's hard to imagine places like it actually exist, but if we look deeper into the mystical cultures of Asia, we find that in places like Tibet, there are indeed places just like this, where people are engaged in a life long practice of meditating, which often brings about special powers, and deeper insights. 

Have you ever visited such a place? If so, comment on your experience, or write for us on the most mystical place you've meditated!


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