My Review: Tesla Baretrek BK31 Trail Running Barefoot Shoe - Mens

Tesla Baretrek BK31 - Review of This Barefoot Shoe Shoe - ⭐⭐⭐ 

By Charles Londelle
Asheville NC USA

I received my Tesla Baretrek BK31s on October 10, 2017 and paid $29.98 for them on Amazon. My review of the TF-BK31-KG_Men 12 D(M) Tesla Men's Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe BK31 (True to size) is mixed. I would give the Tesla Baretrek BK31 Trail Running Barefoot Shoe, only three stars - ⭐⭐⭐

Let me tell you why, but first here's a photo of these super light running shoes on Amazon (where mine came from)

Review Tesla Baretrek BK31 Trail Running Barefoot Shoe - Mens
Source: Amazon

How I Got Them & Initial Thoughts On Sizing (whether they fit right)

First, I received this pair of shoes as a gift, and they were my size, men's 11, but the thing is they run about a half size or full size too big, which is still fine since they come with laces, and without the hard structure of a shoe, those laces can make the shoe snug, because these shoes are about as flexible as a sock.

Look of the BK31 

I love the look of the Tesla Baretrek BK31 shoe, and I got the KG colored one. The upper is pretty awesome, and I love the fact that they have shoe strings, some minimalist shoes do not have these. But, it's all just a look, because at the heart of it is that these shoes are more like socks than shoes, very thin. The upper though seems to be durable enough, so no complaints about the upper. 

Bottoms of Tesla's BK31 

The bottoms, or specifically the sole  of the shoe I liked at first with it's spider-man like design, made me feel super sticky to anything I walked over, started to wear down. You can see this picture where after only a few weeks and probably less than 100 miles there are black spots wearing into the soles. Granted this is about 90% pavement walking I'm doing and 10% grass, dirt trails. 

review baretrek bk31 tesla mens running shoe minimalist
Source: my camera

Tesla Baretrek BK31 - Country of Origin
Also, if you want to know where it's made, Vietnam, per the tag on the inside of the tongue.

Youtube Video of the Tesla Baretrek BK31

Here's a video review of these minimalist running shoes, which have to be the cheapest barefoot style shoes out there, for only around $30. 

 The Testla BK30 - there was also a BK30,which was apparently a previous model, and NOT the same as the BK31, which many people discussed on Reddit.


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