Chateau Fonscolombe Promises Royal Treatment

Chateau Fonscolumbe - Where Queen Elizabeth Stayed

Featured by the Robb Report, Chateau Fonscolumbe, an 18th century estate, was where Queen Elizabeth once stayed. This opulent estate is nestled in the middle of wine country, in, you guessed it, Provence. It took 18 months of work to restore Chateau Fonscolumbe to its former glory, with a's now a 50 room hotel!  For 300 years (probably not centuries like the Robb Report suggests, or that would be 30,000 years), Chateau Fonscolumbe was owned by Marquis de Saporta and his estate, and during that time fountains, stately stone sculptures, and a historic arboretum grace the evidence of the parties, grand parties, that were once held there, but you can book a room and have your own grand time. 

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