A Sunset Chateau Bed And Breakfast - Hotel Review

A Sunset Chateau, Sedona AZ - Review - 4.6 Stars! 

By Sam Angleton
Washington D.C. USA

a sunset chateau reviewNestled among the swirling vortexes and red rocks of Sedona lies A Sunset Chateau Bed and Breakfast, the best b&b in Sedona AZ! Why do we say it's the best? Look at the 43 Google reviews, and they all point to nearly perfect (4.6 stars).

With that said, it's always just opinion what is best or not, right? So, dear reader, if you believe different, then comment with your own opinion, and be totally honest, OK?!

If you have not visited A Sunset Chateau in Sedona Arizona, then you're missing out. When you get back, stop back by this review, and update it with your experience. You can guest post your own experience by email us at info@timberlinechateau.com


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