Zelda Perkins Breaks NDA From Harvey Weinstein To Report Sexual Abuses

Zelda Perkins Broke NDA To Expose Harvey Weinstein

By Taylor Fazo
Austin, Tx

That's right, diary fans, you heard it here (first reported by Financial Times in an interview), Zelda Perkins won't stand for being shut up by an NDA to keep all that knowledge of sexual abuse she witness hidden away. Harvey Weinstein is so burnt toast in her book, how could he ever pursue her for breaking the NDA anyway? Of course, Ms. Zelda Perkins had been holding it in for 20 years! It really does take a lot of others to start filling the skies black before confidence to break an NDA puffs up the chest...add another layer of glue to the robin wing, said Zelda, big joke is on Weinstein...big house awaits!~

Let's imagine it for a minute, what would you have done, broken that NDA like Zelda?

Secondary source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/harvey-weinstein-assistant-breaks-nda-details-history-cover-ups-1051258

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