The Santa Fe University of Art & Design Closing in 2018

Another Art College Closing - Santa Fe University of Art & Design Will Close in 2018

By Sally Linnelle

Another art school closing, yep, what's the state of higher education coming to in the USA, doom and gloom here, sorry folks. Here's the official letter about Santa Fe's art school closing. And, here it is in the news. Here's another news article that says the art college's closing leaves Santa Fe in the lurch. The school's website has its whole home page taken up with closing information, that's going to suck to see if you went to learn art there, or teach there for that matter.


 What will the art students do now that their school is closing? In the official letter, there are recommendations about transferring, etc. but the reality is the students are getting super screwed. How does it sound to say you graduated from a school that went bankrupt - loser! Yep, that's how it sounds when a student graduates from such a college, right? 

What do you think?


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