Succulent Nails - Nail Fashion Trend 2017

Succulent Nails: Nails Adorned with Plant Life are So Totally Now

By Jennifer Raskin

You can thank the millennial generation for the huge shift of the market back toward our roots in many aspects from dining to sustainable methodology. And now, you can thank them for bringing the succulent nails trend of adorning one’s nails with succulents into the limelight.

That’s right. Those teeny tiny little plants you probably have all over your windowsill, or even on fridge magnets are now officially THE coolest thing you can possibly put on your nails to make them succulent nails. It makes sense since embracing the things of nature has been wholly trendy for a while, but what might surprise you is that this latest fashion trend popped right up out of Australia.

Most fashion trends arise out of places like Seoul or Milan, so it’s notable that Australia is gaining some fashion recognition. Created by Roz Borg, an Australian botanical artist, she had been delving into using succulents to create jewelry. They’re naturally beautiful plus they’re drought-resistant which makes them an ideal candidate for becoming the world’s next big must-have fashion accessory.

Pictures of Succulent Nails

Roz decided to try them out on her hands, taking photos that she later posted to Instagram. It became an instant success and now everyone is diving right into it. What’s so amazing about this particular trend is that succulents come in so many colors and varieties so no two succulent manicures will ever be the same. That’s a distinctive advantage over other trends that feel copied and overproduced. By using succulents for your manicure, you can do something different every time. Your best friend can do it too and she will have her own look. It’s truly spectacular!

The succulent nail trend is done by adhering them first to fake nails and then gluing the fake nails on. If you’re not keen on having a living, breathing thing attached to your nails though, you can still get in on this natural nail fashion trend. Manicures that encompass plant life are also huge right now, with cactus as one of the biggest. Instagram is full of manicures where nails are painted a basic base, typically of white and then detailed with a variety of plant life. It’s the next best thing to going for authentic succulent nails.

So whether you glue on real succulents, have them painted on, or even skip the nails and go for the succulent-covered jewelry, this living breathing trend is absolutely the one to watch this season to add a touch of natural beauty to your fashions. 

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