Memphis College of Art Closing

Memphis College of Art Will Close

By Fred Lane
Memphis, TN

Another big loss for the art world, with Memphis College of Art closing (here's the official MCA website). It is really a tragedy. It's already trending big on Twitter #Memphis College of Art. Here's what people are starting to say about this historical art school closing on Twitter: 

According to the Memphis Flyer, "The Memphis College of Art (MCA) has stopped accepting new students and will soon close, according to a statement released by the school’s board of directors Tuesday morning. "

A link to the closing page on their website leads to a page not found

Source: MFA closing page on website

While this may not be in the best interest of the art community, or Memphis Art College, it is really a tragic time for students who will wonder how much their art degrees are now worth without the backing of an institution!

This is where the real outrage should be. Expect more of it as higher education continues to struggle.

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