Jordana Grolnick, Heather Lind Accuse President George H.W. Bush For Groping

 President George H.W. Bush Accused by Two Women (Jordana Grolnick & Heather Lind) On Groping

By Amy Sellers

President George H.W. Bush will join a crowd of other male leaders and inspirations (Weinstein,
Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash
Cosby, etc.) to go down in the history books as a sexual predator. The photo in this news article has him reaching his hand out like he wants to cop a feel, which is according to Grolnick what he did during a photo shot as his hand connected with her flesh, as he asked the question: who is your favorite magician - mine is David Cop a Feel. Sick.

According to Vox, George H.W. Bush was just "trying to put people at ease" by feeling up "women's rears", as he offered apologies. Does he think he is on his horse farm, rubbing his hand around the backside of a stallion so he doesn't get kicked in the face? The hand rub trick doesn't work on human women, because he's getting his teeth kicked out now.

Is there any modern president that has a sense of decency toward women besides Obama. This is seriously crappy that all these presidents can say and do the things they do to women, and then get voted in by women. This must stop. America get ahold of yourself and vote for integrity and stop ignoring these belittling offenses by those who purport themselves to be national leaders.


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