Is Brushing Hair 100 Times Good For You? Answer

Brushing Hair 100 Times - Have You Been Told To Do It?

By Mikayla Green

Remember being told about brushing your hair 100 times and how you should do it everyday? Well, why are you doing it?! It's been done in the movies, and many a mother has prescribed it to their daughter. Now, it's almost folklore that women need to brush that hair 50-100 times every single day. But, why? 
brushing hair 100 times
Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

Reasons Why You May Want To

1. A lot of brushing may stimulate the scalp, improving circulation, getting the oil glands going and nurture the scalp and hair, supporting a foundation for that thick and silky growth!

2. Brushing and combing daily cleans the hair way better than shampoos or products, getting dirt, build-up, dead skin, and other debris out. 

3. With clean, naturally oily, and circulation rushing through the scalp, it's said the hair grows faster, and stronger. Some claim that hair can even grow back, and thicker ,adding to hair volume as well!

Preparation: How To Brush Hair 100 Times Properly 

Here's a how-to guide to doing the endurance brushing: 

Step 1

Get all the tangles out, beginning at the ends / bottom.

Step 2

Once that's been done, start the brushing with long, steady strokes, starting at the top / scalp and brush through to the ends (which helps distribute sebum). Sebum is latin for fat, tallow and in this case refers to hair oil. 
Step 3

Brush for a few minutes, yep that's all the time it takes to do 100 brush strokes to the head. 

Disclaimer: we are not making any claims here, results may vary, and none of this may work at all. Ask you doctor about anything before doing it to make sure it's right for you. 


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