Body Painting Party And Festival Trend- USA

Thinking of Going to or Having a Body Painting Party or Festival Event?

Yes, people do get naked at body painting parties, but nude body painting is just art! 

By Terry Knowles
Houston Tx

You'll notice in this body painting video (youtube) below, featuring the NYC Body Painting Festival 2017 Annual Bodypainting Grand Celebration, people are walking around with painted bodies, in most cases it's full body art painting, nude in downtown New York City! Here's where the Chron covered it. While whole body paint jobs are the norm at high profile festivals like this, it's not at when it's a party. 

Body Paint Party Events

Finding a body paint party is not so easy. They are sometimes featured on Eventbrite, like this page with the Atlanta events listed (many of which are not relevant) and there are festivals like the one mentioned above, but there really needs to be a body paint party event directory! 

The best place to find body painting events IMO is Facebook, here's one photo below of the kinds of events that circulate: 

body paint event facebook
There are also Facebook groups, like this , but it's mainly for body painting artists. And, often face painting gets in the mix, when in fact that's not what these events are about. There are some city specific facebook groups like Jacksonville FL's bodypaint jam

Where to Buy Body Paint

If you do have your own party, festival, or event, you'll need to know where to buy body paint, and remember you're looking for human body paint! (not cars, or auto!) Stores like Joann  carry lines of it, but it's a mix, and some of it is not relevant. Amazon has a better line up, but still not the best resource out there. SillyFarm is a store that is most tailored to the kinds of body paint supplies you need for a party of festival, but then you need to think about bulk pricing too. 


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