Ambroxan Fragrantica Replaces Highly Sought After Ambergris

Ambroxan Fragrantica Replaces Ambergris 

By Chandler Burton
New York, New York

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Ambroxan fragrantica is actually the brand name of Ambroxide, which is sold in crystals or oils. It is chemically a terpenoid that naturally occurs in clary sage. From there sclareol, a component in clary sage is synthesized to make Ambroxide, branded and sold as Ambroxan to create notes of ambergris, and also acts as a fixative. The scent of the highly valued ambergris is often much too expensive for perfumers to buy in its natural origin (1)


Ambergris is produced in sperm whales, within the digestive system to be exact, which is the deposited somewhere in the vastness of the ocean, and floats around until it washes up on shore somewhere, or is scooped up. It's grey in color, waxy, solid, and flammable. Sounds gross right?! But, the reason ambergris is so expensive is number one because it is super rare to find it, and number two it ultimately acquires a distinct scent, sweet & earthy that perfumers love to use. Before that aging process occurs however, the smell of ambergris is described as shit. Yes, that's right shit right out of the ocean. Wikipedia calls it a marine, fecal odor (2).

Now, the collection of ambergris has pretty much been replaced by synthetic manufacturing of ambroxide / ambroxan.

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