3 Best Types of Winter Jackets Announced, Get Ready for Winter 2017

3 Best Types of Winter Jackets Announced 

By Hugo Valdez

types of winter jackets - leather
Photo by Heidi Sandstrom. on Unsplash
1. The first of 5 types of winter jackets is the good ole' leather jacket, aka biker jacket, moto jacket, etc., with the chrome zippers, buckets, silver buttons, pointy collars, and just all around badass. You know the Fonzi wore it, so it must be cool, snap the fingers, and it's all warm. Well, many people don't like leather in the cold, they feel like it makes them colder. What do you think? Does the leather jacket really make you feel warmer?

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

2. Number two on the 3 types of winter jackets list is the down jacket, which pretty much every outdoor adventure enthusiast wears. Gotta hike that snow capped mountain over there, where's my down jacket! Going to the ski lodge to party, where's my cool looking down jacket, makes me look sporty. But, don't get it wet, right?! What do you think is better than down for hitting the arctic lows?

Photo by Flavius Les on Unsplash

3. Last but not least on the main types of winter jacket, and please comment to add more or email us your own round up guest post for publication to info@snow-coats.com . Enter, the fur coat, or if you'd rather not walk around with bear, fox, minx, cat, or some other mammal hair, then faux fur (but is it as warm?). Would you wear it?

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