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Theodent Toothpaste Review - My Opinion

Theodent Reviews - My Experience With This New Toothpaste
I bought some Theodent toothpaste from Amazon the other day (it was a hard switch from my baking soda arm & hammer), and you can see in this picture that I've already used most of it, but mainly because my whole family uses it. The cap is cracked and it's a bit ugly now, compared to how beautiful it was coming out of the box.But, hey this is a real review, so I want you to see it like I do.

How Does Theodent Taste? I can't say I like the taste of theodent. I definitely like my baking soda toothpaste clean feeling better, but it is not bad. I will say as I say below, it does not taste like chocolate (like you think it might, see below). It's creamy and it does give me a clean feeling, so that's good.

The photo below is how the product looks, right out of the box:

A Toothpaste Without Fluoride
I first heard about this toothpaste when a co-worker mentioned that he buys it because it doesn't have any fl…

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